Friday, 4 December 2009


Also included in my Viva Voce:
This was the teaser for my new: self initiated project. It will involve food, a re-assessment of still lives and a search for new ways to physically challenge the viewer.

Viva Voce

We had to give the customary third year presentation of our work so far and what influenced us. Here are a collection of my Intros and Inspirations. This was a wonderful day. It was great to see every one's work so far, un-seen personal projects and what interested and influenced them. Everyone was so impressive and interesting. I have been very inspired by my talented year group and look forward to seeing the rest of the presentations on Monday.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Inspiration for my upcoming project

Transatlantic design developments.

A small article I wrote for the Cetld department's newsletter. It was useful to precis the Transatlantic Design project to look at the bare bones of what it is we are doing and present to others what we are doing in 'simple' terms. My Mum was pleased that I had no spelling mistakes. Also, on the 18th of November we did a presentation of our project and our learning's for the Cetld department and this went down well. I think they found us a worthy investment after all. This also raised the issue about publishing our project. A meeting has been arranged and we shall see how this goes...