Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The link for the D&AD lecture we will be speaking at.

The girls that I am working with on the 'Transatlantic Design' project and myself were invited by Ian Wright to speak at the D&AD Xchange 09. We will be doing so on the 8th of September. http://www.dandad.org/education/xchange.html

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Sticker Designs for Microsoft.

I was asked to create some sticker designs to be used in a Microsoft advert. The stickers were used to personalize the laptops shown in the advert. I then was asked to come down to London to help work on the Microsoft adverts. Again I worked with a fabulous team of people including David Skinner who I had worked for in New York. The adverts will soon be on our television screens.


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the amazing people that I did on a job for MTV. We helped form the art department for the skits and promotional material for this years MTV awards. The concept was based around the musical A Westside Story and demanded a gritty New York look. We had the opportunity to help create and dress a variety of sets from the studio built rooftop and junk yard through to the storm soaked alleyway in China town. The talent included Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Ne Yo and Cobra Star ship. I learnt an incredible amount on the job, including how to drive a forklift truck.
(A special thanks to David Skinner, Andrea Purcigliotti, Anthony Henderson, Amy Silver and Henrietta Lopez.)

More interviewees.

We have interviewed some more wonderful people for our research project: 'The Transatlantic divide in design education'. From the top: Graphic Havoc, Milton Glaser, Hunter Tura (4x4), Yoonjai Choi (4x4), Jonathan Bartlett and David Gersten. See our blog for more details: http://transatlantic-design.blogspot.com/. Ian Wright has also recently asked us to speak at a D&AD lecture about our project so on the 8th of September the four of us will be doing our first proper presentation about our project and we are very excited and nervous about this.

Leisure in New York.

During the last couple of weeks in New York although continuing with our 'Transatlantic design' project and now working intensively on the MTV music awards. We still found time to visit some more places in New York and when my parents came to visit for a few days we managed to see a lot of the New York highlights in just a few days. (above: Chinatown, MOMA, apple store, on top of the Rock, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, The Meat Packing District and Chelsea Market.)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Okay so I am not an avid blogger. I am guilty of filling in diaries until March and my blog has suffered the same fate. I will soon surmise my New York trip and inform you a little about the Microsoft advert, that I have just been working on. Call it penance.
In the pipeline is my dissertation and a lecture for the D&AD about our 'Transatlantic Design' project.