Tuesday, 5 May 2009

CD Project

Open Day Poster with leaflet attached

Batch Production Book Project

I used letterpress for all of the text, to keep costs down. We had a five pound budget to make five books with.

Open Day Poster

Every year the second year Graphic Design and Illustration students all compete to have their designs used for the Arts and Architecture Open Days. This was my entry. I based my poster on the idea of Brighton being a creative catalyst. I staged a scientific experiment based on ionisation and I formed crystals on a metal rod that I had purpose bent. The electric blue colour has connotations of the ocean and so is used to represent Brighton. In contrast their is a placid and transparent beaker that is there to act as a symbol of 'other' establishments. I then photographed the model as the right hand beaker was fizzing away. I am very interested in imagery associated with science and I feel this project demonstrates this.